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Cultivating superior returns  through global growth equity investment management.



Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Boundary Street Partners invests in what we believe are the most competitive, innovative and efficient growth companies, irrespective of their location. Our flagship Fund, (BSP Global Equity, LLC ) is available to family offices, institutions and qualified individuals.  

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Boundary Street Partners was founded on the principle that owning a limited number of top-performing, high-growth companies can generate superior investor returns. 


BSP Global Equity, LLC ("Fund") is a stock-driven, unconstrained global growth equity strategy. The Fund seeks to deliver outstanding performance by identifying exceptional businesses that are addressing a large market opportunity and possess a competitive advantage, irrespective of their location. 


With allocations throughout North America, Europe and Asia, the Fund's gross/net exposures are not predetermined and may vary depending on market conditions. Portfolio holding sizes are based on the magnitude of the potential upside and associated level of conviction. 

  • 15-20 Investment companies

  • Long Exposure: 75-125%,

  • Short Exposure: 10-50%

  • Global Exposure- 35% allocated to foreign companies

  • Industry Focus: Software, Consumer, Healthcare & Renewable Energy






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