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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use


This website is provided to you by Boundary Street Partners LP (“Boundary Street Partners”) for informational purposes only, and contains proprietary information that may not be distributed to, or used by, any third parties without Boundary Street Partners’ prior written consent.


Although all information and opinions expressed on this website were obtained from sources believed to be reliable and in good faith, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to its accuracy or completeness. All information and opinions are subject to change without notice. Certain services and products are subject to legal restrictions and cannot be offered worldwide on an unrestricted basis.


This website does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any instrument or other financial product, nor does it amount to a commitment by Boundary Street Partners to make such an offer at present or an indication of Boundary Street Partners’ willingness to make such an offer in the future.


Privacy Policy


At Boundary Street Partners, protecting your privacy is very important to us. We want you to understand what information we collect and how we use it. We collect and use “nonpublic private information” in order to provide our clients with a broad range of financial services as effectively and conveniently as possible. We treat nonpublic personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.


“Nonpublic personal information” is nonpublic information about you that we obtain in connection with providing a financial service or product to you.


What Information Do We Collect?


In order to fulfill our obligations to you, we need certain information. Generally, this includes your name, address, social security number, date of birth, account numbers, and information about your income. We may also have access to other sensitive information, such as credit scores, income tax information and so forth.


Where Do We Get This Information?


We may collect nonpublic personal information about you from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Information we receive from you on applications or other forms;

  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others, such as the custodian(s) of your account(s); and

  • Information we receive from non-affiliated third parties, including consumer reporting agencies.


What Information Do We Disclose and To Whom Do We Disclose It?


We do not disclose any nonpublic information about you without your express consent, except as permitted by law and as needed to provide the services you have requested. This applies to current as well as former clients. We restrict access to your nonpublic personal information to those who need to know that information in order to provide products or services to you.


Our “affiliates” are companies with which we share common ownership. We will share your information with our affiliates only if necessary to provide the services for which you have engaged our firm.


Our Security Procedures


We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information. This includes measures to protect your information in the course of its disposal.

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